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The Registry of Debt Collectors is intended for holders of United Kingdom credit accounts and are resident in the UK who are experiencing difficulties with aggressive and vexatious debt collectors or debt purchasing companies. It is also a self-help guide on complaints against debt collectors and debt purchasing companies who routinely flout the law.

We recommend that you consider a debt consolidation loan only if it is a genuine solution to long term problems. We cannot recommend "payday loans" because of their extremely high interest rates, but you should consider a lower interest rate consolidation loan if it is right for your circumstances. Do not take on further debt if your circumstances are not likely to improve at least partially in the future: this is only common sense. There is no use getting into further trouble a few months down the line.

However, you can take off a large chunk of your total debt and then restructure your monthly payments by applying for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) which is drawn up by a qualified Insolvency Practitioner. For most people this is the only sensible way forward. For independent IVA advice go to our Best Debt Consolidation IVA website. To qualify you must have two or more accounts (credit card, loan, etc.) and at least £2,000 total unsecured debt (this does not include mortgages or secured loans).

Or complete the form below if you have fewer than two credit accounts, or are not in employment.


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Reporting Rogue Traders

If you want to report a particular debt collector or a specific company that has been using aggressive methods you can contact Trading Standards (you can find your local office by clicking here), the Office of Fair Trading or Consumer Direct.

Recent activity suggests that these public bodies will only take action against particular companies if enough complaints are raised against them. So, while an individual complaint will probably not be effective, a large number of individual complaints will. So keep those individual complaints coming: they all add up!


Our Contact Details

For enquiries you should use the online web forms on this page and on the various home pages according to subject or the debt collecting firm involved, or as guided by links from those pages according to your specific need.

Please note that we cannot give advice on individual cases. You should apply using our online forms for specific services. Please do not write to us (other than on matters of a technical nature such as reporting a broken link or an error message) because we cannot respond to individual emails with advice.


However, if you want to write to us on an otherwise valid matter our postal address is:

DPC Registry
T/A Inteltab
219 Bow Road,

London E3 2SJ

We used to give out our telephone number but do not any more because it has been added to lots of sales lists which we have had to block. The same is true of our fax number.

Our email address is admin .. at ..

Also please do not contact us as if we were the debt purchaser or creditor concerned. We have no connection with those firms. For some reason, we have been getting emails from people asking if we will consent to lowering peoples' repayments. We have nothing to with those debt purchasing firms, therefore cannot advise you one way of the other. Any such requests will not receive a response, simply because we do not and cannot speak for the debt collectors!

[normal email format has been disguised to prevent harvesting by spam bots.]


Finally, a Note For DCAs and Their Solicitors

If you are a solicitor acting for one of the companies listed here, please be advised that there is no point in threatening us. We are acting on behalf of the general public and all content on this website is readily available in the public domain. We will not be bullied, and any attempt at doing so will result in your actions being chronicled in these web pages and in various other media as appropriate. Any vexatious activity will be reported without hesitation to the Law Society and the Solicitors' Regulation Authority.

We have already been in discussions with the Solicitors Regulation Authority about more than one "letterheads for hire" lawyer and will not hesitate to report others as and when they bring the profession of the Law into disrepute.

To those wishing to get at us through our hosting company, be aware that we will simply post content on another more publicly accessible platform such as Blogger instead. So then you'll need to threaten Google's lawyers. Good luck with that!

The truth will always out in the end, and the history books will always show villains to be villains. The debt spivs will be no exception.

I think that's fair warning, don't you?